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Jacqueline Azur Madara-Campbell

Houston area based photographer Jacqueline Madara-Campbell travels the world capturing compelling images of beauty in diverse forms. 

Jacqueline's photojournalistic "follow the action" style enables her to capture stories, personalities, and compelling art photography images. That special ability comes from her roots in television news. Decades ago, Jacqueline began a journalism career with a camera over her shoulder. Although she left the news business long ago, she never put down the camera.  

Jacqueline Azur is able to offer compelling art prints to the national and international markets in part because her experience base is so broad. Combined with her photojournalism experience is Jacqueline's art training. Early on, she trained in oil painting. This training and her love of design shine through in the way she draws the viewer's attention to the subject of each of her art photography pieces through purposeful composition combined with focal manipulation, light, or color - depending on what the subject demands in her artistic judgment.  

When you purchase a Jacqueline  Azur art photography wall art piece, you are supporting both independent art photography and Jacqueline Azur's commitment to its artist's purpose. Jacqueline is often heard to comment that her work is "photography with purpose. " That isn't just a catchphrase. Both personally and through her work, she devotes her talents and time to animal rescue. It's something she's done for many years. 

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