Exceptional art in photography

Exceptional art in photography

Exceptional art in photographyExceptional art in photographyExceptional art in photography

Works available during gallery exhibitions and limited edition fine art prints by request

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About Jacqueline Azur madara-campbell


Photographer Artist Jacqueline Azur Madara-Campbell

Photographer Artist Jacqueline Azur Madara-Campbell travels the US and the globe capturing compelling images of beauty in diverse forms. Some of her work is organic and some is composition. She lets the image “tell her” what it wants to be. 

Decades ago, Jacqueline began a journalism career with a camera over her shoulder. Although she left the news business many years ago, she never put down the camera. Her photojournalistic "follow the action" style enables her to capture stories and envision possibilities many other photographers tend not to see. That special ability comes from Jackie's roots in television news. 

In April 2019, Jacqueline traveled to Botswana and fell in love with the people and animals there. She is currently working on a series to draw attention to the region and its needs and plans to return there in 2020 to do more work. "I've never felt more at home in my travels than in the wilds of Africa. The people and the animals are fantastic beyond words. I hope my images of the spectacular wildlife can fully convey their beauty and awe inspiring ways."

Both Jackie's  love of animals and her love of of photography started when she was just a kid.  Today these twin passions unite in her work as a photographer. 

Where to Purchase an Original Jacqueline Azur Art Piece

All Jacqueline Azur art pieces are printed in limited edition, and only under Jacqueline's direct instruction. We do not allow "print on demand" orders or mass production of Jacqueline's work. 

The print process is an integral part of Jacqueline Azur art. The media choice, ink, format, crop, and printing process make all the difference in how a photography piece looks and how long it will last. We want your investment to last for generations. We want it to be a true heirloom museum piece that you and your family will treasure. We know you feel the same. For those reasons we will not sell you or the integrity of our work short by selling you sub-par print on demand "art." 

If you see a piece in the Jacqueline Azur portfolio that speaks to you, reach out to us. Most are available for custom production and delivery to your door anywhere in the United States. If the piece you like has not been retired, Jacqueline will work with you to determine a size that will work for the art and your space and will have a limited edition print using fine art paper with archival inks produced just for you. It will arrive within days at your home or business, along with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. 

If you prefer to see Jacqueline's work in person, check our event calendar for an opportunity to view her work at an upcoming art exhibition in your area. Works on exhibition are usually available for purchase at the event. 

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